What is the StartUp Business?

Photo by M Venter on Pexels.com

Startup Business is the young companies that are starting to offer needed products or services to meet the demands of the customers. Usually these startup businesses are started by the owner who financed it personally or from family and friends’ savings.

Almost half of the startup business would struggle badly during the first two years that leads to their close down, and this is due to many reasons such as poor planning, wrong products, or ignoring marketing for examples.

The role of the startup business consultant is vital from the beginning of the business so the consultant can provide feedback on each ankle of the business to strength it and make is profitable on the long run.

The consultant works closely with the owner of the business and help in these issues:

  1. Planning ?
  2. Marketing including providing feedback about the product itself and how it is needed.
  3. The niche that might be another problem for the business, the consultant helps the business to explore the exact niche for the business.
  4. The brand-building. This is a very important element in building a business, where the colours, the fonts, the images that convey certain feelings become the beacon of the business.
  5. the reputation of the business.
  6. whom to hire and what kinds of skills are needed to help in building the business.
  7. what kind of technology is needed, is it completely on line business?
  8. How many departments are needed in the business?
  9. which style of management should be applied in such certain business?
  10. what kind of culture should the business acquire?
  11. Financing?

and so forth…

Don’t walk alone, hire the right consultant who acquires the right educational background and the needed experiences to make your startup business thrive.

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