Do you like to play Video games?

I am not a typical parent when it comes to video, and online games. When my son started to buy pokeymon cards, tread them and spend hours playing matches, I did not do nuts. Every time when he was teaching me how to play, I would link a move or a strategy to a math problem, or any other skills to acquire. I even explained to him how we are fighting germs similar to the matching game.

Video games are not all bad or have a negative effects, as many parents claim. We, educational technologists, teach many skills through playing video games. Some of these skills are very much related to management and leadership skills, which explains why we ask individuals to play certain games when we are doing training, and off-course these games are related to the goal we want to achieve and to the skills that we want to teach. Some of these skills could be gained, updated or strengthened through games are: problem solving skills and decision making skills, which are crucial in today’s world that every manager and leader should nourish.

However, one should be aware of the time spending on playing these games. We do not want to turn it into an addiction. Video games are, as any other things in life, should be consumed in moderation. On the other hand, next time you decide to play a video game, choose wisely with clear conscious, and enjoy.

Do you play video games? Are you aware of any skills you might gain?

Key Words 4 Effective E-mail.

How many times do you send emails daily? How many times do you receive marketing emails weekly? And how fast do you delete such emails without considering the content?

Here are some keys so your words would be effective and your emails will be read.

I “think” I can guide you to the right direction. I “believe” my ways are the best. However, I “need” only “5 minutes” to show you how to grab the technique.

Seriously? Did you trust that I do have a great product for you? Even if it looks that I do lack the confidence (using the words “think”)?, or the solid base of my message (using the word “believe”)? Didn’t you feel that I am weak and depend on you since I used the word “need”? And what about this “5 minutes”? Right away you know that I am going to sell you something that you might not want. Instead of explaining how to benefit from the product. Explain How such product will change life for better. How to need the product to be happier, & solve all problems.

Show me numbers, evidences, show me how you do believe in your product and how it will solve my problems. Show me confidence without being urgent. Show me that you do care about me.

Now.. How would you rephrase the above message?

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