i have been thinking outside the PhD materials (i know…not normal, LOL), and would like to share few thoughts with you, I would like to know what u think also.

i went to bed yesterday reading an article (i’ll try to post here later) about being yourself. just act as you like. forget about what people expect from you, what society expects from you, and forget about the standards that you put according to your labels. the article goes on to stress the fact how difficult would be to understand and know what YOU REALLY LIKE, where frameworks disappear and you have to create ur own….hmmmmm…difficult? oh yes.
every time, i feel down my sons ask me to do what i really like. i answer back: i donot know any more what i like, i forget what i like to do, and i find it hard to find what i like in the middle of my duties as a wife, a mother, a PhD candidate, a citizen, a friend, a researcher, a….. and the list goes on and on.
the idea of “i have to finish my dissertation at the expected time and in the perfect form” dominates my life and blinds me from living completely. being perfect for the labels i named myself with, stress me more than making me happy, and now what? but hey, isnot doing a PhD is kind of self discovery? is it what should be something i really really like to do? well it is, but it looks there are other elements into it.  i believe we should not let the PhD controlling us, but we should have the upper hand. but how? people would say: being organized, know your materials, have a schedule …etc etc….do all of these work for you? do you really work by dead line? knowing you are not acting alone, so it is not really only your time. it is the supervisor’s, the people u r collecting data from, your committees…and so on..
however, it would be helpful to talk to other PhD students, take longer real break away from writing to come back and be able to see the gaps, have different of activities, and do not disconnect from real life..and do what you really really like to do without explaining, for example if you like to paint then go ahead and find your inner self…..do you have other suggestions? please share with us….

The coming pages

As i included in my research proposal and SPF that i will write about my phd research on this blog…so please bare with me ..i will write about information literacy skills in general, information literacy skills in engineering, the research steps I am doing, try to report part of the data while I am writing my dissertation, and at the end, i will try to report about the main findings of my research….

you can always write to me with a question or a comment or even suggestions…actually ur suggestions and comments are highly appreciated….

hope it will be fun and a lot of good information to share…

yes, you are a PhD…..?

There are important issues that play a main role in your life while you are working for your PhD. these issues are the best kept secret for each PhD student, who just figure them out himself, or herself. i will share some with you.

through your PhD journey, you must believe in yourself. Yes, you know better. yes you work harder, and yes you deserve this title. you need to start to practice to call yourself Dr.  (scary ..eh?) this will give you the motivation to keep running when you feel that you cant go further, or you are tired, or just fed up…
you cant just feel tired. you are almost there. and you deserve to be called on the stage when you graduate as a dr. keep this image in your head, it will give the needed support for your PhD life.

then you need to live the life of the PhD ..not PhD student, but PhD graduate…meaning, you need  to be responsible about what you write and what you publish and what kind of ideas you develop and share. You have to learn to act alone without the support of your supervisor or your committee. You need to stand alone as a PhD graduate who understands the responsibilities and consequences of his or her cognitive work. You need to have your own agenda..your own dream and your own work…at the end, PhD is a unique contribution to your own field…right?

any more ideas you like to share? please feel free to add your comments here….