Who knows you better?

Have you ever thought who you are?…I mean: who are you online. What kind of reputation you have online? Have you tried to google yourself? How many times? what did you find?

Recent research highlighted that social media, nowadays, considered the first place your future employer is looking to find out who you are. In that sense, are you a party animal? opps that nasty picture from Jason’s Birthday Party does not look great…Do you volunteer? How do you spend your free time? Believe it or not, Google might know stuff about you more than your mother knows.. Google knows your habits, food preferences, your usual routes, your favorites sport, and so forth.
The other day, our friends, older couple who belongs to the tech immigration generation, told me in a proud that they leave their mobile phone in the living room when they go to sleep. Believing that this is how they have a control over the apps’ monitorings of their lifestyle. I did not want to further discuss: what the apps would be interested in the monitor while they are sleeping? meanwhile, the mobile phone is monitoring your online research habits all day (which that is the most important things for marketing researches purposes. ie. They want to figure a way to sell you more stuff and how to sell you these stuff in the first place). I just asked quietly: No need, because the credit cards company already know everything about you: what to eat, where you eat, where you travel, what do you buy? are you a careful spender? are you married? Are you cheating on your wife?
I just remembered this ad: what is in your wallet? Nowadays there is no need to ask you. They know more than your spouse do…. mmmm, Maybe I should ask them about my husband’s spending habits ..

                                                      Dubai, Marina from the Sea.

do you really need a new app?

today, there are many many apps you can download on your laptop, smart phone or iPad. many of these apps could promise you a complete comfort or solving annoying problems, or just to make your life much easier. Most of these promising apps come with a high price tag, others could be free…but the main question remains: which one i do need and which one will really solve my problem?
as a phd students trying to seek any help while writing my dissertation, trying to purchase some of these apps….do i really use them? not really.
I bought organizing apps, i bought an app to help me writing, i download more organizing apps and more helping apps in writing, and so forth. you got the idea. and which one i really use? none. why? for different reasons, but i believe if they really are helping me and bridging a gap, i would not give up on them. most of them are hard to figure and i have no time to go back to the manual each time i want to figure out some, which means it has an usability issue. so i end up with more complicated problems.
in this time where everyone is in rush, and you need your materials to be ready yesterday, there is no time to lose learning a new app that should make your life easier, especially if it costs you $$$, and you are only a student counting each cent.
but what do you think? it would be great to read your experience regarding apps, please feel free to add your two cents here.