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Train the trainee

Training and Coaching carrier are booming, but unfortunately there are a lot of under-skilled people around who claimed themselves as “Best Trainers” or “best facilitators”.

Learn from the best, I have 20+ years of experience delivering engaging and very successful workshops to: teachers, students, professors and faculty members.

To stand out and claim your chair at the professional table you need to obtain and update needed skills. This 9 weeks program is for you, where I work with you 1:1.

  1. Week 1 Introduction and Preparation
  2. Week 2 Learning Theories / Adult Learning Theories
  3. Week 3 Instruction Design
  4. Week 4. Related Needed Skills
  5. Week 5. Types of Learners
  6. Week 6. Types of Teachers
  7. Week 7. Discussing you
  8. Week 8. Your work
  9. Week 9. Evaluation and certificate

Ask for Details

Please e-mail me about the courses details:

  • Understanding Business
  • Introduction to ILS (Information Literacy Skills)
  • Teaching in the New Era
  • Branding Myself
  • My Reputation online
  • Management Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Start my own Business

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