Literature review…why

The most important steps in all the phd procedures is: literature review. If you plan it well from the first day then you saved urself alot of time,effort,repeated work,plus u will be able to have a big picture that will help to to specify ur research question,if u do not have a clear and focused one.
Planning and organizing for literature review starts actually before starting ur phd program. It starts when u write ur admission letter including your intentional research.

Literature review will (offcourse) ease ur proposal writing which is one of the bigesst step in ur journey.

And offcourse the well plannes and organized literature review will help in publication,writing research proposal,and make u realize other venues for ur research area.

Finally it is the greatest help in writing ur dissertation….

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where i am now

hello hello
I have promised in this blog to write about my journey as a PhD student..but i did not know then that my heavy schedule might slow me (a lot) from working on this….but I have decided to put the enough time on these pages, hoping to help others…by the way, please ask me any related questions, and i will try to answer them as soon as i could..

just a few update: finally I became a PhD candidate. what a release to pass the comprehensive exam. ( i will write about it later in details with advices that will be great help)…

now i am re-re-re-re-re-writing the proposal for my dissertation … fun, really fun. but after few re-re-re-re-writing, i can not distinguish anything right in the pages…

and definitely, i will update you on this….but seriously, i love this great experience, and i am very grateful for the opportunity…call me crazy, but it is fun (except the re-re-re-re-writing thing)…