Is This A Fair Competition?

Story time…

I’ve never been crazy about the turtle and rabbit story. I never liked it, but as a kid, I never had the courage to yell: what kind of story is this? Always there was something wrong, and not right about the characters and I never understood why they have to be they way they are.

First of all, the competition itself is not fair, and why they chose the turtle (knowing it is extremely slaw) and the rabbit that is know for its super speed? Noting that the coipition itself is pointless, what kind of race is that?

Second of all, why this stupid rabbit stops when he sees the final line? It takes him only a few steps to finish and then he can sleeps as much as he wants. Till now I don’t understand why…overconfidence? if so then let’s finish it all and afterwords rest.

Third, the rabbit naps. Really? he naps that much till he misses the whole race? And what about teaching us (the kids) about preparing for exam? To sleep before exam? Oh wait. Is the story to teach us to prepare well? I am not sure what is the lesson behind it any more. All I remember is that the slaw turtle wins because it continues walking and the stupid rabbit losts because he refuses to reach the final line and preferred to sleep thinking he will wake up to finish.

why there is no third character that is fast enough (does not have to be super fast) but also continues in the race till it finishes and wins? or someone else to help the turtle with some skills, or tools?

Does AC (After Corona) Require New Lifestyle?

Life After Corona

I’m done…

I’m done and got more than enough with all those who are going live online.

Dear people, this is not a toy, the technology is not to pass time, our time is sooo precious to us ( maybe your time is not for you) to spend it listening to trash talk claiming that it contains value. On the top of it, bad skills is shown either for communicating, talking, presenting or just putting the topic to gather, in addition to the poor quality of the presentation itself, either for the ankle of the picture, or the voice or the clarity of the picture itself. And off course the same goes to the different types of social media including #podcasts…and when you approach them with a sincere advice that they need training they turn their chains claiming they know it all.

I believe AC (After Corona) period should present different options for social media: different scale of evaluation where likes and followers numbers should not be the key. Also other topics might come in demand, more developed skills are required to be successful. But in general life, definitely somethings would changed to fit our new objectives, goals and lifestyles. Don’t you agree? Don’t you think that there are some things that require changing in your life after AC?

Every person is talking about going back to the normality. But don’t you think this is a great chance to choose your own lifestyle according to your own terms? Don’t you think that this is the perfect time to choose your own normality? To choose your own life?

What I realize that I want to help people more, I want to help them to make their lives easier, happier and more productive in more effective and efficient ways. Because NOW I am sure that I can make their lives easier. I always wanted to help people, but I was not sure how my skills would be needed. Corona virus shows me how people are lacking the main skills to, literally, survive.

What is your new plans for AC?

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Hey Teachers..E-learning?

Every country and every educational system carefully prepared teachers to shape the next generation.

In Canada, especially in #Quebec (that I am more familiar with), we take pride in preparing our teachers to lead our future. Our prime minister, Mr. Justin Trudeau, is a teacher himself, a proud one. He practiced teaching in Montreal before he moved to Ottawa and takes care of our present and future. BTW, I have heard how his students adored him.

Going back to our teachers, and I can reflect from my studying and training years in the education department while working on my master and PhD degrees. I witnessed the continuous training workshops we used to run on regular basis. I also worked on the latest researches regarding the latest learning theories and its implications… What I want to say is that our teachers are very qualified, But in the #classrooms.

Now with the online teaching where all the activities would run remotely, we are overloading the teachers with stress, longer hours,and may be a confusion. This is a new era, and it does need a new paradigm, new skills, a new curriculum, and a new attitude. We need to help and support our teachers by providing them ASAP (before starting a new studying year) with the needed skills so they can carry on smoothly, effectively and efficiently shaping our future generation.

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Life During Corona Virus

Can we say that Corona virus had changed our lifestyles? I believe so. Now we are spending our time inside our homes, with our family members, cooking home meals, having enough time to read or practice activities we never had time for them before. People also reconnect with older friends or family members that had not talked to in long time.

However, taking a step back and looking at our life from far, I feel that as if we have been preparing ourselves, our societies and our systems for such a day. How so? Look around you. Now the teaching is on line, ordering our food is online, the government agencies are running online, all the people are sharing their stories, concerns, fears, hopes, and breakdowns with others through social media platforms. The help of AI is never been as needed as today especially to defeat the new enemy. The calls for a cleaner air have become a reality since factories shot down and most of the transportations stopped. Including the new skills that come with the new technology we need them today. These skills that I always call (you can request a free download) for that we need to survive in today’s world. Theses skills are needed, are a must for surviving. For example, People who don’t have the skills to access the computer or use it, can’t order food and usually are those people who are in danger zone for going out and buy their food. These skills are surviving tools, literary surviving tools, not a thriving matter anymore. It is not about making extra money, or be popular, but it is about surviving and eating.

Is Corona Virus changing The Business Game?

A closer look to the circumstances of today’s world, might reveal a predictable scenario for a near future.

With China being a main core in the world’s business body, the Corona virus outbreak would differently affect the business game all over the world. This also may create new different business models, or new opportunities.

One particular business model (Droppshipping) is affected for sure. In this business model people all over the world made good money while using their computers and their related technical skills. At the same time, another business boomed as well: teaching how to work with this model, teaching the skills that are needed, online marketing, online advertising and so forth. Such training uses different online platforms and creates another income streams for a lot of people who claimed a good fortunes. Some claimed that they became millionaires. (How true is that? Or just to sell you their courses.) It was a new world full of promises of fame and fortune.

Accordingly, the social media influencers business boomed as well. They made a good fortune just Guiding their followers into purchasing the different products (mostly offered by the Chinese markets).

Now with the Corona virus outbreak especially in China (specificly in wahn  city where are the factories and the trading companies located, including the factories of the big brands) business would be different. With putting the whole city in the quarantine, the factories are closed, the shipping are stopped, the traffic is frozen and the core of the business has been frozen at least for the droppshipping business. Noting that the Chinese factories, trade companies and shipping companies already raised their prices more than once ridiculously many times during the last years to the degree that it became hard to make any profit doing droppshipping at all.

Now what might come along the road? … No one knows for how long this situation would last but definitely for a while, months maybe, and then it needs more few months for business to recover…

So what are the alternatives? What is the new business model or trends that would replace droppshipping? at least for the time being? Unless China will come up with a plan to revive this model who made many people and companies rich.

Does that mean finding a new sources? A new outsource? A new business model? New products? New trends?

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