Does Technology Make Women’s lives Easier?

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Talking about balancing between life and work is not a new topic especially today with the social media explosion. But what is noticeable is that women still consider this issue as one of the most important factor in their lives. Women nowadays still struggle (at least emotionally) to leave their new born babies and going back to work. Others still suffer from the guilt of leaving their children and go to work, while still feeling behind in life. Working women still looking tiered, overwhelmed, and seeking solutions. On the top of it, still underpaid. Isn’t it about time that such problems would be from the past? Some of the developed countries are still working hard to make women’s lives easier, but what about the rest of the world?

What is the technology role here? Is there a role at all? Do you think that technology helps you to have a better life as a woman? Or just adds to your plate? Don’t you think that you had more time before the social media (if you are interested to be on the top of the game)? Or does social media made your life easier?

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